Our Organization

In March of 2016, the Epsilon Omega Gamma Christian Sorority was founded by Dione Nancolas, as she answered a calling on her life to expand the arm of the Spirit of Esther Ministry Inc to a Christian Sorority.

The Spirit of Esther Ministry strives to empower women with Godly tools and shape their lives into that of a Queen, inspired by the story of the biblical Queen Esther. The Epsilon Omega Gamma Christian Sorority binds these same women together under the umbrella of a sisterhood which helps them to grow together in Godliness. We are building an army of Nurturing Godly Women and transform them into the Queens God created them to be.

Who We Are

The Epsilon Omega Gamma is a Multicultural, Christian Sorority with no hidden agenda or secret rituals. Its vision is that of a mentor-ship program designed to unite all women into fellowship through Jesus Christ while seeking to develop her self-esteem.  The Epsilon Omega Gamma Christian Sorority is a NON-Collegiate organization, as we feel every Woman should be able to experience being part of a Christian sisterhood, without prejudice.

The ultimate desire is that all women would come to realize who they truly are and that they are royalty; in doing so, believing they would develop a divine spiritual connection in the sisterhood that was full of love, fellowship, praise and worship all in the name of our Lord and Savior JESUS CHRIST. This would also allow women to walk, talk and act the way a virtuous woman should without compromising her beliefs, integrity, and character. It is truly a divine ministry/sisterhood where women would be mentored into being more of who God created and intended them to be.


  • Not necessarily a Christian, but must acknowledge the deity of Jesus Christ.
  • Must identify as a female.
  • Must be at least 17 years old.
  • Must pay Module Fee/Annual Membership Dues.
  • Must complete a profile sheet.
  • Must complete an interview.
  • Must complete our initiation process.

The Initiation Process

Unlike other mainstream sororities, Epsilon Omega Gamma does NOT have an intake or rush period.  However, we do have a declaration ceremony which acts like a “pledging” process as part of our initiation into the sorority.

The process does not have a secret or ritualistic nature, a member simply recites, from memory the declaration of the sorority.  The declaration is a revision of the scripture Proverbs 31 which speaks of the character of a virtuous woman, and declares all positive virtues over her life.  At the end, the member will be bestowed her first title of Lady Virtue.