Member Application

Application is a 3 part process and takes up to 10 business days for completion. Please read the information below carefully before you proceed so you can understand the process.


Step 1:  The basic registration process

Fill out a registration form at the end of this page, there we capture information such as your name and contact, your religious background and have you agree to our basic rules of engagement in membership.  This initial information that we gather is basic and is needed before you can proceed.  You will be asked to upload a photograph of yourself as well.  Upon completion of this registration, you will be assigned a unique membership ID code which you will use as your identification code during your membership with us.  You will find this code in the confirmation email sent to you.  After this process, you will have a waiting period of up to 3 business days for your registration to be processed and then an administrator will contact you with the instructions to complete step 2.

Step 2:  The placement process

You will receive an email instructing you on how to complete this second process.  During this process, we gather additional information from you to determine how to place you in a group of 8 ladies facilitated and mentored by a leader called a Chaperone.  This group is called a Handmaid Cluster.  You will be asked to complete 2 simple online tests which are a personality type test and a learning style test. Based on the results of these tests, you will then, after another waiting period of up to 3 business days, be processed and placed in a Handmaid Cluster where we feel you will be most effective.

During your waiting period in this step, you will be asked to sign documents such as our policies and rules, this will be required for initiation.  At this point, your Chaperone will contact you with information and instructions as to how to proceed further.

Step 3 and final:  The initiation process

At this point, the leader of your group, your Chaperone, will be given control of your dossier file which will include your registration information, your personality type, and learning style and she will continue to build and complete your dossier throughout your membership.  She will then initiate you into the group and the sorority by asking you to recite the Sorority Pledge.  Following this, she will bestow on you your first official title of Lady Virtue, and your virtue will be chosen by her.  You will receive your official registration certificate by email/mail, and your training towards becoming royalty will officially commence.

You will have up to the next two months to purchase one of our membership kits. Membership kits varies by cost from most basic to most complete, therefore depending on your financial capabilities, you will find different kits that falls within your budget.

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