Start A Chapter

Because of the unique program of this sorority, in order to start your own chapter you will have to undergo a brief training of about 3 to 6 months at your own pace by one of our Certified Sorority Chaperone to become a Chapter leader yourself, or as we formally call them, a Chaperone. As Chapters are formed only under the training and guidance of a Chaperone, and members must meet our requirements.

Starting a Chapter requires a great level of commitment and dedication as you will aspire to mold and to lead the lives of those whom you serve, therefore, we want to prepare you to be the most effective and successful leader in this field. As you progress through your training and your goals and characteristics are being more realized, you may even determine that starting a chapter may not be the right fit for you, and you may want to get involved in one or a few of the many other important and exciting programs that you can lead and serve within the Sorority and the Ministry if that is the case.

But if you find that you still want to begin your own Chapter, then by the end of your training to become a Chaperone, you will be well equipped to handle the task and be ready to serve the lives that awaits you. Please note that all training is FREE of cost and you will graduate with the certificate title of Certified Sorority Chaperone, however, you will be required to pay a small cost for your Chaperone’s kit. You will then continue to raise up in rank to becoming a Chaperone at the highest level and receive that grand title.

Sign up today and start your training into this highly exciting and transforming program and follow the path to becoming a Queen.