Chapter Pointers

Download this document in a PDF:  Chapter Pointers

Each Chapter:

  • Has their own color
    • The color assigned to the chapter is the Sorority color of its Chaperone/Leader
  • Has their own Letterhead and Stationery
    • Designed by headquarters and is sent digitally and can be used to type letters in Word
  • Has their own Extension number
    • Each Chaperone is assigned an extension number of our toll free number, and all calls to that extension will ring on the Chaperone’s own phone
  • Has their own email address
    • An email address is assigned to each Chaperone on our Sorority server for authenticity
  • Has their own digital Chapter Seal
    • Each chapter has it’s own unique Official Seal that can be used digitally or on print
  • Has their own website page
    • A page for each chapter is hosted on our website with detailed information of each Chapter
  • Has their own wax seal kit
    • A Chaperone is able to use their metal stamp kit to seal letters written on behalf of their chapter
  • Has their own China Tea Party set.
    • As a gift, the Chaperone receives their own Tea party China set with place setting equaling the amount of registered members in their chapter

Chapters can:

  • Host their own Chapter Parties
    • They can throw Tea Parties whenever they like. Must request permission from Headquarters.
    • Host their chapter Anniversary Party
  • Chapter Chaperones can Initiate new members only after they are processed by Headquarters
  • Host their own Fund-raising parties
    • Chapters can throw their own fund-raising parties to raise funds for the Sorority or their own Chapter. Must receive permission from the Headquarters.  The Headquarters must receive 15% of the total amount raised if the fund-raising is for the Chapter, or the Chapter receives 15% of the amount raised if the fundraising is for the Sorority
    • For a chapter to host a party, they must use the resources of the Sorority. Headquarters MUST design and approve all print materials including all marketing materials, all funds being collected MUST be collected through our website ONLY as at no time should any member be permitted to accept funds on behalf of the Sorority, even if it is for their own chapter.
    • The Headquarters will provide all resources and materials a chapter needs to host its events.

Chapters should:

  • Hold monthly mentor meetings
    • Chapters should host monthly meetings with their own members or whatever other time frequency they prefer, but this must be done at least once in 2 months.
  • Recruit new Chapter members
    • Chapters should implement different ways to recruit new members to their chapter and cause it to grow. All registration of new members are processed strictly by the Headquarters only
  • Encourage members to become Chaperones of chapters themselves
    • Chaperones should encourage and train their members to begin their own Chapters. Once a chapter gets too large, then the chapter must split and a new and qualified leader is assigned from it’s membership to lead the second chapter.

Chapters cannot:

  • Collect dues from its members
    • All member’s dues are paid only to the Headquarters
  • Collect monies on behalf of the Sorority for any reason
    • All finances are to be paid to Headquarters and a receipt will be issued to the payer
  • Register a new member
    • While any member can recruit, the registration process is always handled at the Headquarters
  • Host any event without permission from the Sorority
    • A Chaperone must always seek permission from Headquarters to host any type of event.
  • Change any rules or policy of the Sorority
    • Each chapter is bound by our policies and they cannot be changed by any member


A competition among all chapters is held annually.  All chapters MUST compete.  Chapters will compete in the following areas and awards

  • Most Decorated Chapter
    • The Chapter where their members has the most awards collectively. Each member earns awards as they partake in the Academy’s program.
  • Most Popular Chapter
    • The Chapter with the most members, this includes the member count of all break-away chapters. Meaning, if a chapter (parent) gets too large and splits to form a new chapter (child) , all the members of every breakaway child chapters are counted with the parent chapter.
  • The Most Social Chapter
    • The chapter that throws the best organized and decorated styled chapter.

The chapter recipient of these awards will hold their title for the year.  Awards will be received and noted in the Chapters website page.

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