Do You Know the Master’s Voice?

My 2 dogs were sleeping while my husband and I were chatting to each other, watching TV, and eating breakfast. One of hubby’s potatoes fell from his plate and still the dogs slept. My husband picked up the potato, and without calling the dog’s names he said “Hey you boys come get this potato”. The dogs immediately jumped up from sleeping and strolled over to him and retrieved the potato.

He did not call their names, they were sleeping. But somehow they knew that at that moment he was talking to them and exactly what he was saying.

My animal dogs know and hear their human father’s voice and what he says to them… EVEN WHILE THEY SLEEP and even though THEY DON’T SPEAK OUR LANGUAGE! They also know his white Silverado truck different from the other 50 white trucks that drive on our road everyday. Idaho is known severely for white trucks due to farming.

So how come as human Christians, many of us do not know our spiritual father God’s voice, even though there is NO LANGUAGE BARRIER??? Or that He even speaks to us. My dogs did not wake up on day one and knew our voices. They learned over time that we were their masters and through training, much of it done by themselves, they learned to distinguish our voices differently from other human voices, and to pick up our scent different from other scents around them, so they obey and follow us. So profound. I just gained an even deeper respect for my dogs.

Hmmm… I’m thinking us humans may need to go to Christian Obedience Training School to learn to hear and obey God’s voice, and to pick up his scent and follow him.

Says Jesus in John 10:27 “My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me.”

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