When Demons Flee

The inheritance to take authority over the Kingdom of darkness

In last December, Apostle Dr. Wilbert Nyamayedenga laid his hands on me and prophesied to me and imparted many spiritual gifts to me when he anointed me as a Pastor. One really stood out… the gift of forensic prophesy, but still another one piqued my curiosity. He said, “Demons will run from you!”

The latter lingered in my memory since then, even though I really did not give it much thought.  To me, that was one gift I would probably receive when I got a little older and a lot more seasoned in my work for God.  But then, here less than 2 months later, God started to speak to me about my inheritance that Jesus left for me in his will after he died and then rose again.  During those lessons, that prophecy through Apostle Wilbert kept coming up more, all while I was researching exactly what this INHERITANCE was.

So this morning I asked God, “what did you really mean that demons will run from ME?”

He answered simply “Because you will seek them out, go after them, and chase them”

ME:  Ahmmm… okay. If You say so, but… I didn’t think I was interested in going around finding and messing with demons, I’m good dealing with the ones who show up around me.

After God smirked at my naivete, He then reminded me of an incredible incident that happened to me circa 1999, in Ocho Rios Jamaica, during spring break, one of the biggest open debauchery hedonistic festivals in Jamaica. I totally forgot that incident… how could I?


The Backdrop to the ‘Incident’

It was spring break in Jamaica, and that was a huge deal.  Thousands of college students would fly in from the USA, Canada, Europe, and all over the world to join our local students and young adults, to partake in the ritual of laying their souls bare in the streets of Jamaica without any inhibition.  For 2 full weeks they fulfill all the desires and lusts of their flesh, and reveled in the streets.  They are drunk all day, they party for 24 hours.

New Christian converts from the secular music industry; the iconic Tommy Cowan and his musical stalwart wife Carlene Davis, had teamed up with their church along with the youth ministries from other churches, and they trained hundreds of young Christians do go around in the streets of Ocho Rios during spring break, to minister the gospel of Jesus to the spring breakers.  The team was headed by Cowan’s middle daughter Shikeisha, and they named it “Fun in the Son”.

For this particular year, while I myself was also a new convert from the secular music industry, working at Jamaica’s then top Music Recording company; Shocking Vibes.  I was also a designer and decorator, and so I was assigned to do a décor job in Ocho Rios’ at the city’s largest hotel the Jamaica Grande.

During Spring break each year, corporate Jamaica capitalized on the mass publicity this festival brings, and so there are many expos, and promotions, and wild parties.  There was a major exposition the Jamaica Grande Hotel hosts annually, I believe it was called CME (Caribbean Music Expo) and my friend and I were hired to dress the Hotel’s massive Hall.

While in Ocho Rios, I got to see first-hand how the spring-breakers partied, my heart went out to them.  But… I got to see the work of the many young Christians walking up to these people and ministering to them.  I saw young people getting saved and enjoying the spiritual experiences from the itinerary that Shikeisha had planned out for them as the alternative to debauchery and drunk partying.

I myself was only around 10 months a freshly saved convert.  I attended Swallowfield Chapel, one of the 2 churches the new influx of Christian converted Reggae artists attended, the other was the Church on the Rock where the Cowans attended.  Swallowfield taught me sound doctrine, encouraged their members to develop a personal relationship with Christ, study the word of God, and then evangelize and use your gifts to win souls.  Above all, I learned about demons and how they operate, and about the authority as Christians that we were given over them.

So it was on the heels of all this knowledge and empowerment, that I did not think twice to move in the spirit towards what would be the strangest of encounters I would have, during my breakfast in the Hotel’s dining room.


Preparing for an ‘Encounter’

Every morning we would wake up to the sound of a beautiful choir.  Tommy and Carlene used their strong musical influence to train and organized a choir for the FITS (Fun in the Son) team.  So every morning at 6am during spring break, they would have a prayer breakfast in the Hotel’s dining room and singing songs of praise and they would pray, and people would give their hearts to Jesus.  I was empowered by these young people’s commitment to God to go out of their safe and comfort zones to spread the gospel. 

After worshipping from our rooms just by listening to the FITS during their Prayer Breakfast, my friend Kadian and I went down to breakfast that morning and I ordered my usual quintessential American breakfast of bacon, ham, sausage and eggs with buttered toast and some orange juice and we sat down to eat.  But then you could not help but notice, that in this large dining room, there was a long line of some over 60 tourists winding around the dining room.  And when I followed the line with my eyes to where it was headed, I saw a black man dressed in African clothing, and I could barely make out the sign he had propped up on a table that had the drawing of one single eye at the top, and the writing that stated “I will tell you your fortune for U$20”.

I told Kadian, “Are you kidding me?  What the hell is this?”  I remarked to her that there should be no reason after God is doing such a mighty work in the city of Ocho Rios, that this man and his demonic crap should ever get a pass.  I told her I was going over there to him.  She wanted to know why, so I told her “Because I am a child of God, and there is no way that Satan should be sharing the same space with me, he needs to be gone!  I am NOT having my breakfast with Satan!”

Kadian thought I was crazy, she would not give me her support.  I told her “I just want you to pray me up, I will go do the work”, she still refused, so I said “Okay, all you need to do is just sing some praise and worship songs while I talk to him and that will do”.  She agreed. 

I know how these demons work, I know they use their spirit to collect information about you from your human spirit and that is how they are able to read you.  So I asked the Holy Spirit to block my human spirit off from them and ask the angels to cover me and Kadian under the blood of Jesus.

We both got up and left our breakfasts and followed the line of patrons waiting to be told their fortune and approached this man’s table where he was sitting with a ‘client’.  We simply stood to the side by the table and waited until he was done reading the fortune of this person. 

As we waited, I quickly sized him up in the flesh.  He was an intimidatingly tall heavy-set man.  He was dressed somewhere between a Sharman and a voodoo priest, with a necklace of bones, and he wore an African turban with African Dashiki.  

It’s War-Time

(Warning, very explicit language, but I had to keep the dialogue authentic)

As soon as his ‘customer’ got up to leave, I quickly cut in and sat in the seat she left vacant.  The man was a little puzzled, but the people in the line behind me did not seem to mind and so he quickly switched to fortune-telling mode, asking for my United States $20… in Jamaica.

ME:  Sir, I need you to pack up your little shin-dig you have going on here and leave this hotel

HIM:  Excuse me?  Who are you?  Why did you cut in the line?  Get up and go now!

ME:  Sir, I am a child of the Living God and I demand of you to pack up your things and go.

HIM:  Do YOU know who I am?  (He had a strong African accent) My name is EMMANUEL!  Do you know what that means?

ME:  Yes sir I know exactly what it means, but I don’t care what you are calling yourself, I am a child of God and you are trespassing on my territory.  You need to leave now.

EMMANUEL:  What the f@#k you think this is?  My parents are pastors and they could not save me, who the f@#k you think you are to sit in front of me

Oh the crap just got real!  He is now livid and he got up from the table and started pacing the floor wildly.  I glanced behind me and the line had disappeared, it was just Kadian sitting there singing “In the name of Jesus, we shall have the victory”.  I however was very calm until this moment.  Emmanuel and I began to go at it, by this time our voices could be heard in the next town.  I called for the spirit of boldness to overtake me and I rose out of my seat and approached him and stood in his personal space.

ME:  (very intently) I am not here to save you, that is not my job, only Jesus who died on the cross can save, but I am here to warn you, that if you continue to succumb to your devils, you will burn in hell with them.  You think you are doing these people any good by reading their fortune?  You are opening doors in their lives for demons to attack them.  You are evil, and you tell these people lies!  Pack up your crap and go!

EMMANUEL:  You piece of shit!  I can tell you about your nasty life!

ME:  Go ahead Emmanuel… TELL ME!  READ ME!  Tell me something, I DARE YOU!  Make your day!

The only thing Emmanuel could do at this point was to start muttering and stuttering, he could not read me, he had no access to my human spirit as it was closed off from him by the Holy Spirit.  At this point I had had enough.  I stood in my spiritual authority and I went ahead and read him his last rights.

ME: Emmanuel!  I am a child of God and I am given authority over the kingdom of darkness by the blood and power of Jesus Christ!  So under that authority, I hereby serve you official notice of evacuation, I now command you in this instance, to pack up your things and flee the presence of the Holy Spirit now!  Not later today, not even 1 minute from now… but NOW!  My breakfast is getting cold!!!

It was astonishing.  Emmanuel started to gather all his belongings without a word, he put them in a cart he had, grabbed his sign with the one eye, and he simply began strolling out.  Well I still had some parting words for him…

ME:  Hey you need to leave me your itinerary so I can visit your sessions!  I’ll throw you out wherever you go.  In fact, for the rest of my time here, don’t even let me run into you doing that crap anywhere.  If you see me, don’t make me even have to tell you to leave Devil!


Post-War… Who Did We Just Fight?

Kadian and I walked back to our table while Emmanuel was still walking out, you have to know that that dining room was over 15,000 square feet filled with hotel guests dining, he had a long walk out.  Before we got to our seat, and even while he was still walking out of the dining room, suddenly the whole hotel staff and many of the guests stood up and they cheered for around 3 minutes… a standing ovation.  We humbly reached our table and found that the hotel staff had our breakfast refreshed and warm, waiting for us.

The hotel manager came over and remarked, that everyday this man would come here and do this same thing, and they were all scared of removing him, he intimidated them.  I asked why would they be intimidated.  And that was when I learned who Emmanuel really was.

At that time in Jamaica, there was another man who would get dressed up in African garb, and he was placed on our National TV during prime time, and he would have a snake wrapped around his neck at times, crawling all over him, and people would call in from all over the country and he would read their fortune.  Months later, this man would be found dead face down tied up and gagged naked from the waist down.

I forgot his name, this man was Emmanuel’s friend, Emmanuel laid claims to have trained the dead and very popular fortune teller, in fact Emmanuel had appeared a couple times on his show.  Now I don’t know if Emmanuel ever changed his ways, maybe he did, maybe he did not, but on that day in the Hotel dining room, Emmanuel got to experience God.


The Major Mistake

After the encounter, and when Kadian and I went back to finish our breakfast, we missed a very important step in that experience of going up against a demon.  We did not end in prayer, nor did we pray against a backlash, which means the enemy can send an attack back at you because he is angry that you tried to block his progress.

We were so excited about what had happened, we forgot to pray.  Aside from saying simply thank you God, we did not pray earnestly thanking God for what He had done and ask Him to protect everything that concerns us.

That day Emmanuel was set to earn almost one thousand five hundred US dollars just from that line before him, and that was only at around 8am.  He still didn’t get the lunch and dinner crowd.  Plus, he must have been embarrassed that two little young ladies claiming to be children of God ran him off the property, so was he mad?  Heck yeah!

By the following day, I came down with such a fever like never before.  I was so hot I thought I would get a darker tan!  All my muscles ached terribly.  Until the Lord informed me it was a backlash from Emmanuel.  That day God taught me that for every time I try to expose the enemy’s plan or go up against him, I should always pray against any assignment sent afterward to me that could harm me or anything and anyone concerning me.

I never made that mistake again.  That was one heated way to learn that lesson.  I was able to pray away the attack and I was healed.



It was this experience that God reminded me of to let me know that if I continue to walk in his authority, utilizing the power of the inheritance Jesus left to me in his will, demons will indeed flee.

That power does not come from me, but God. You have to be so much more in God that you are masked behind His veil, so when you approach demons, it is really God they are seeing and not so much you.  So, as a child of God, there is no way should I ever cower from any demonic or human spirit!  They don’t decide where I can and cannot go.  I decide where they can and cannot go!  And I simply as a Christian am not permitted to just sit by and watch evil being practiced and do nothing about it.

But you need a spirit of discernment to determine what action to take towards evil.  Not every situation requires you to go up and deal with it like I just did.  Each situation warrants a specific approach.  However, as a Christian, we are to remember that we are given authority over the realms of darkness, so now we have to learn to use this inheritance.

Notice that I did not attempt to remove any demons from Emmanuel, I simply wanted him to be removed from the scene altogether.  And I did not do that for two reasons, for one, I did not believe that at that time in my spiritual maturity that I was ranked high enough in the spirit to deliver a person from demonic posession, secondly, even if I could, delivering a person from a demon in such a public atmosphere is not wise, when demons leave a body, they tend to want to find another.  That option is way ‘above my pay grade’.  I simply asked the person to take their demons with them and leave the scene.

Simply reflecting on that whole experience lead me to connect with understanding why God would say this is something I could do, because I had already done it, way back as a baby Christian.  So now I am excited, and I am eager to do whatever training is necessary to achieve this feat for the Kingdom of God, and to set the captives free!!!

Sadly enough though, there are way too many ‘Christians’ who do not even know they have this authority, which is a part of the inheritance left to them from Jesus’ death.  Pastors do not even teach this in church sermons, the subject of the supernatural realms seems to be so tabloid in Christendom, which is crazy.

So for that lack of knowledge, they perish.

Jesus told his disciples in Luke 10:19:

“I have given you authority to trample on snakes and scorpions and to overcome all the power of the enemy; nothing will harm you.”

Those are Jesus’ words, so how come every Christian do not walk in this authority?  There is no way any Pastor should preach about the death of Jesus’ Christ without teaching about His will, the children’s inheritance that resulted from his death.

I’m thinking Pastors could do more teaching and less preaching!

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